Whatsapp will be bringing back the old status and it will be called as “Tagline”.

WhatsApp Is facing backlash and users are angry at the new changes in the app, WhatsApp is reportedly bringing back the old Status feature that allowed users to set up a text as their status in their users profiles. However, now the feature -- once it is back -- will be called “Tagline”. On Thursday... Continue Reading →


Hottest phones Expected to lunch in MWC 2017(Mobile World Congress)

As we know this year MWC (Mobile World Congress) will be held on 27th  February 2017 in Barcelona which is organised by GSMA. MWC is World's largest event for Mobile Industries. This year we are eagerly waiting for NOKIA'S official (global) comeback Mobile Industries.  there are many other mobile giants are revealing there new Phones... Continue Reading →

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